5 Weird Acne Cures That Work!

When you are searching for a cure for acne, you come across all sorts of information. The Internet is simply full of ideas on how to treat spots and pimples. Some work and some don’t. Here is a list of some weird acne treatments that work for some (and a warning as you may be shocked!).

  1. Put urine on your face – No joke! Allegedly putting your own urine on a cotton wool pad and wiping over your face like a toner is actually good for acne. Best results are seen with your first urine of the day as apparently this has the most healing properties. It may not sound or smell pleasant but some people swear by it.
  2. Eat raw onions – Just as an apple a day has skin boosting properties, some say a raw onion eaten every day has even more. My guess is cooking the onion rids it of certain nutrients which is why it is eaten raw. Personally I’d prefer to avoid this one as I don’t think I could eat a raw onion whole.
  3. Put egg yolk on your face – When worn as a face mask and peeled off, egg yolks are said to clear up acne quickly. This could be something to do with the face that they are high in Vitamin A, an ingredient in many topical acne medications. Finally, a tips that doesn’t sound too unpleasant. Unfortunately many people who have tried this report the egg can be difficult or even painful to remove once it has dried.
  4. Bird dropping face masks – Another very yucky one best not used if you don’t have a strong stomach. Nightingale droppings are collected, crushed and mixed with water to create a face mask that apparently draws out impurities and dries up acne. Besides, where are you going to find nightingale droppings?
  5. Use Windex as a toner – Some people are actually spraying window cleaner Windex on their face and using it as a toner. The theory is that this strong liquid will dry up acne and have a strong antibacterial effect on skin. I would strongly advise against this one as Windex has loads of harsh chemicals in it and a warning not to be ingested.

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