Body Acne Home Treatment and Causes

You know you have body acne when pimples and cysts start appearing on you neck,shoulders,chest or upper arms. It can even appear where you least expect it, such as on your thighs. In this article I will look at the causes of bacne and show you the best, easy to use body acne home treatment regime.

What Causes Body Acne?

The truth is that body acne can crop up anywhere where your sebaceous glands overproduce sebum (an oily substance) and bacteria is present. This bacteria is usually harmless and lives on your skin, but given the right circumstances it will infect clogged pores. Finally, a pimple appears when a clogged pore swells up and turns red.

The two building blocks for acne are sebum and bacteria. But there are several factors that will predispose you to getting pimples from diet to genetics. Scientists aren’t entirely sure why some people are more susceptible to getting body acne than others but whatever the cause, you can treat body acne easily at home.

Body Acne Home Treatment

Bacne can be harder to treat than that on your face, because the skin tends to be thicker therefore acne treating ingredients need to be able to penetrate more layers of skin. Also, a challenge in treating certain types of body acne is that it is hard to reach.

You can follow the following body acne home treatment regime to get rid of bacne fast:

  1. body acne home treatmentFirstly, use a body wash that is designed for body acne, such as that in the Clear Pores kit. This will kill the bacteria that is infecting your pores. It will also help to prevent breakouts by cleaning away excess sebum.
  2. Next, exfoliate the area once or twice a week. Some people have been told that body acne doesn’t react well to exfoliation and therefore it shouldn’t be done. This simply isn’t true because your body has thicker skin than your face so needs a tougher treatment. You can easily do this using a loofah.
  3. Another home treatment technique is salt soaking. You can use epsom salts in water in a bath, or if you are lucky enough to live by the sea a daily swim is helpful for treating bacne.
  4. Try to wear loose clothing to avoid trapping sweat next to the skin which will worsen body acne. Wear clean clothes over the affected area every day. Yes ladies, this means a daily change of bra if you have breast acne or a change of shirt for men.
  5. Your detergent might be breaking you out without you realizing it. Try switching your detergent to a mild alternative that is though to be hypoallergenic and you will soon see if it makes a difference.

The ultimate body acne treatment is Clear Pores, which you can use in the comfort of your home. I think it is better than other acne kits like Proactiv because it has specific products to focus on treating body acne in a gentle yet effective way.

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