Exercise for Acne Free Skin – Does it Work?

There is no doubt that exercising is good for your body, but is it good for getting acne free skin? Did you know that working out could actually be the solution to you getting rid of acne for good? In this guide to exercise for acne free skin I outline 6 reasons why you should exercise to get clear skin.

Important – Always try to shower or clean your skin asap after exercise to avoid sweat blocking your pores and causing pimples.

Here are six main reasons why exercise is good for your skin:

  1. exercise for acneIt allows toxins to be released – Sweat contains toxins that may have been affecting your health as well as contributing towards pimples and acne. When you exercise hard enough to sweat you allow those toxins to leave your body through sweat where they can’t cause acne any more.
  2. Improves your circulation – Your skin needs a healthy blood supply in order to be healthy and clear, and properly heal acne. Exercise gets your blood pumping around your body, giving your skin the circulation it needs.
  3. Reduces stress levels – The link between stress and acne is well researched. Have you noticed that when you get stressed out you get a breakout a few days later? Lowering stress isn’t just good for clearing acne, it is also good for your general well-being too.
  4. Opens your pores – Pores get clogged with acne causing bacteria and general dust and debris from your environment. When you sweat, your pores open allowing the pore clogging particles to escape. That’s why it is so important to wash your skin all over after working out so you can wash away the pore clogging materials.
  5. It increases oxygen levels in your body – Your skin needs oxygen in order to be healthy and act as a barrier towards acne bacteria, as well as to clear up existing acne.
  6. You drink a lot more water – Humble water is really the wonder substance for getting healthy, pimple free skin. Having well hydrated skin also helps plump up acne scars and improve their appearance.

What Else Is Good For Getting Clear Skin?

After exercise you are going to want to wash and cleanse your face and body to get rid of pore clogging materials that have been released in sweat. But what products do you need in order to do so?

I found my own acne prone skin breaks out when I use certain shower gels and cleansers. What it didn’t react to was the Clear Pores acne clearing system which contains face and body products that aim to give you clear skin fast.

The full acne clearing kit contains everything you need to treat face and body acne (also known as bacne) with gentle but powerful ingredients specifically designed to treat even the most stubborn pimples, cysts and acne lesions.

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