How to Treat Stubborn Back Acne

Usually affecting men and women aged 12-24, acne is a widespread skin problem. It doesn’t just affect your skin, it goes deeper than that causing emotional issues a stress to people that have it (1).

Back acne (also known as bacne) is a type of acne that is different from the usual pimples on your face, not just because of where it is located. In fact, acne can be found on the neck, chest and body in some people.

What Causes Back Acne?

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Knowing what is causing back acne is frustrating, as the cause isn’t always obvious. Some reasons for back acne are similar to cause of facial acne, but some causes are specific to the back.

Factors include:

  • Tight clothes that cause trapped sweat to remain on the skin for too long.
  • Carrying heavy objects like backpacks can cause spots along the stress points against your back.
  • Hormonal changes, especially in women, which make the skin more susceptible to acne all over.

Clearing Up Back Acne

You really want to keep your back as dry and clean as possible. This means taking a shower using gentle spot fighting products after working out or a stressful day. Also, try to wear loose fitting clothes if the weather is warm (2).

Getting your back properly cleaned is important and difficult. Because you cant reach it, it doesn’t usually get a proper clean. Try using an exfoliating wash in the shower along with a back brush (which you must clean regularly too!). This will slough away dead skin cells preventing new acne from forming. You don’t want to overdo it by scrubbing away too hard, as this can stimulate your oil producing glands in the long run.

If your back acne has became more severe, causing cysts and nodules that leave marks then it is important to see a dermatologist to try and minimize the damage to your skin.

You could use an over the counter product such as Clear Pores to treat most cases of acne. You should also look at your diet to see if you can eliminate anything that might be causing acne, such as too much dairy or soy, although the link between diet and acne has not been proven.

When working out it is inevitable that you will sweat, so it is impossible to keep 100% dry but wearing loose fitting cotton based clothing is the way forward to stop acne bacteria from breeding. Back acne is known to be more stubborn that face acne, because the skin on your back is thicker than on your face.

Bacne might require stronger treatments like oral antibiotics and topical lotions. The key points are to keep your back clean,dry and wear looser clothing. Try a product like Clear Pores which has a body wash specifically designed for tackling stubborn back acne.

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