Visiting a Dermatologist for Acne for the First Time

Having acne isn’t a small problem if you are suffering from it. Millions of people across the world suffer from this common but irritating problem, and it can be an embarrassing illness to suffer from.

When you have tried most of the over the counter treatments the next logical step is to consider seeing a professional dermatologist. Because they are highly trained and have seen loads of patients with skin like yours they are better placed to advise you on what treatments to try to help you get clear skin.

It is important to remember that they aren’t magic and it may still be a long drawn out process of trial and error before you find a product that works. Although they can’t fix your acne problem overnight they can certainly put you on the right path to make sure you don’t suffer longer than you need to.

acne dermatologistWhat to do when visiting a dermatologist?

So what should you remember when going to see a specialist. Firstly, remember that these doctors are often very busy especially when health-care is readily accessible like the NHS in the UK. That shouldn’t put you off however, as a good dermatologist will care about helping you sort out your skin problem quickly and take the time to explain treatments with you in detail.

Here are some tips on visiting a dermatologist for the first time:

  • Ask lots of questions. Do the drugs the doctors suggests have side effects? Will they interact with medication you are already taking? These things are crucial to know before you start any program.
  • Tell them everything. Does your acne flare up when you eat dairy products, at a certain time of the month, or have you tried products in the past that didn’t work? This will help the doctor tailor their advice to your skin and its needs.
  • Make sure you fully understand any treatment program the doctor puts you on. When do you have to apply topical treatments and how often? How long will you need to use a treatment before seeing results?
  • Bear in mind that you may have to try several treatments and combinations of creams and pills before you see results. Acne is a complicated problem that can’t be solved overnight.

What can I do to make my acne clear faster?

Whilst going to a dermatologist is a great first step towards treating acne, it can take a long time to see results. You can see faster results if you sort out your skincare regime at home first of all.

You need to be using an all in one system for treating acne instead of loads of different products, as you can’t tell whats working and whats making things worse.

Clear Pores is a full acne treatment system that is carefully balanced so it is unlikely to irritate your skin. It has five parts including a cleansing face wash,body wash and herbal supplement to treat acne from the inside out.

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